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NIH Pediatric GIST Clinic - June 2012

You will be seen by some of the national leaders in the field of GIST. This includes geneticists, medical oncologists, pediatric oncologists and pediatric surgeons. In addition, a team of healthcare providers have been assembled to help manage some of the problems associated with GIST. This includes physicians who specialize in pain management, dieticians and psychosocial experts. Pathologists and radiologists will also participate. The goal is not to take over your care from your oncologist. However, the number of experts from different fields who are thinking about the specifics of your care may allow the Clinic to make recommendations to your oncologist and surgeon with the goal of improving your health. Additionally, you will have the chance to interact with other patients and families, whom you may know already through the internet.

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Clinical Trials exclude patients under 18

Access to Medical Institutions (IRBs)

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2008 - Humanitarian of the YearHelman

Dr. Lee Helman earned his M.D. at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1980. His internship and residency were completed at the Internal Medicine at Barnes Hospital Washington University. His fellowship training was at the National Cancer Institute, where he continues his research. In 1993, he became the head of the Molecular Oncology Section of the Pediatric Oncology Branch. He became the chief of the Pediatric Oncology Branch in 1997 and was named a Deputy Director of the Center for Cancer, National Cancer Institute in 2001. In 2005, Dr. Helman was named Acting Scientific Director for Clinical Sciences, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute. Currently, Dr. Helman’s lab is investigating the role of growth factors and the mechanisms of metastases for pediatric sarcomas.


Life Fest 2008 - Chicago, Illinois


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