Member Stories


Sile Bao

Growing up with GIST

A 15-year-old is a fighter determined to make the most out of her life


Brittany Brennan
Diagnosed at age 5

Her courage and bravery give strength to us all


Josalin Dunn

The youngest Life Rafter shares her advice about coping with cancer

"If you’re having a really bad day and you found out you have cancer, dance anyway!"


Chandell Fuqua

More than a survivor

"He doesn’t want to be the great athlete who has cancer. He just wants to be a great athlete."


Rachel Gilbert

A letter from Rachel Gilbert

"Cancer is a very big part of me but I’m not going to let it hold me back. My dream is to be a famous singer which I'll try my best to achieve."


Laura Kukucka

Laura sees pot o' gold, even when no one else can

"I let people think I’m just a non-drinking square, rather than explaining all the reasons why I don’t/can’t drink alcohol."


Estelle Lecointe

From the "Elysée" to "Le Monde", Lecointe can do it all

Lecointe is the face of GIST in France


Meghan Marre

Diagnosed before 21

Meghan is enjoying relatively good health and Gleevec is working


April Calloway Stephens

First pediatric member to have a baby

Stephens stops Gleevec and hopes while a baby grows inside


Rachel Tate

Finding a silver-lining when living with cancer

Rachel has no complaints; her art, family and friends have made her life whole


Carolina Williams

Will you run for my daughter?

Paul and Vicky meet by chance; Paul is training for a marathon. A day later, he decides to run for her daughter