Building Communities Together

The Life Raft Group (LRG) and GIST Support International (GSI) are two international GIST support groups dedicated to working together to address a rare subset of the GIST population-pediatric and wild-type GIST. We hope to provide this special community with the best support and information possible to help them survive this disease together.

With the benefit of comparing support and medical care among its members, neither the listserv nor social network should be a substitute for your physician's guidance and care.


The Pediatric GIST & Carney Triad Listserv

The Pediatric GIST & Carney Triad listserv is an email community for patients and family members with pediatric wild-type GIST. Through joining this listserv you will receive not only emotional support, but also be able to compare and report/share both positive news and possible problems in medical care issues. Since its inception in January 2007, this listserv has continued to grow to become an online family. This listserv is supported by GSI and is run by volunteers. The pediatric listserv manager is Phyllis Gay, who has a daughter diagnosed with Carney Triad/Pediatric GIST. To join, please visit:

Social Network

The Pediatric GIST social networking community harnesses the power of the Internet to build an international support network for those diagnosed with Pediatric or Wild-type GIST. It serves as a safe and secure place away from the daily stresses that life brings. This community is a unique place where kids and young adults can connect with each other and build friendships through forums, blogs, picture and video sharing, and much more. The LRG launched this network in January 2009. To join the social network, please visit:


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